New Products
 NGR2170/3520 AVI/ADI System
 NGR2100 series and NGR3500 series can contribute to improve yield in the semiconductor manufacturing fabs drastically by providing high sensitive inspection for the killer defects and mass CD measurement for critical patterns and defects review with high resolution optics by one system
 AW™ Series C-SAM®
 Operator-Free Wafer Inspection, Analysis and Sorting
 Gen6™ C-SAM®
 The New Generation of C-SAM Technology
 Wafer inspection system "INSPECTRA" series
 INSPECTRA series meet the requests of 100% automatic inspection with high speed and high spec. from front-end to back-end of semiconductor processing.
 Retainer Ring For CMP
 We Provide high-quality Retainer Rings with low-cost.
 Chiller Repair and Overhaul/Used Chiller Buy & Sell
 Quick, High Quality, and Low Cost Service for Chiller Repair and Overhaul in Variety Brand.
 Sapphire Product
 High-purity sapphire material (Sapphire; Al2O3,) is a hardness materials for semiconductor, LED, IC packaging, TFT, and other high-tech industries. PROFAB Ltd. Company’s KY Skill provides customers precision machining, single-grain production, and cost-effectiveness of sapphire products. We believe our Sapphire products will be the best choice to customers.
 Model AL3300 optical inspection and defect review system for full top, edge, bevel, and back side inspection of 300 millimeter wafers