AW™ Series C-SAM®
The AW™ Series are advanced high-capacity, high throughput automated wafer C-SAM® instruments specialized to deliver maximum sensitivity for the evaluation of wafer and device level applications. The AW series can deliver better than 5 micron sensitivity, throughputs that are approximately two times faster than competitive systems and non­‑immersion scanners that eliminate false positives due to DI water ingression. The AW Series automatically handles, inspects and sorts wafers based on user-defined accept/reject criteria.


  • Sonoscan’s Waterfall™ transducer provides non-immersion scanning which minimizes the risk of contamination and false bond indications
  • Dual loadports (optional) for larger batch capacity with loadports for 300mm FOUP or FSOB carriers, for 200mm SMIFs and for 100mm to 200mm cassettes are available
  • Sonoscan’s automated analysis software accurately determines percentage of bond and/or non-bonded, void size and count, open cavity seals and minimum seal width as well as an automatic accept/suspect/reject based on user defined criteria
  • 500 MHz bandwidth pulser/receiver and ultra-high resolution transducers are designed and manufactured by Sonoscan for optimum performance and to generate superior images
  • Class 1000 clean room rated and Class 100 clean room rated are available